Door Reinforcer – Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation Guide

Installation of the Rebar Door Reinforcer is quick and easy! There is no need to cut away or alter your existing door frame for installation. The REBAR Door Reinforcement Kit quickly laminates your existing soft wood door frame, instantly converting it into a solid metal door frame with insurmountable strength and durability making it KICKPROOF.

KICKPROOF.COM offers a 100% Guarantee to STOP Door Kick-Ins money back guarantee on all our door reinforcers when properly installed.  Proper installation of the Rebar Door Reinforcer is achieved when ALL 3 weak points are reinforced, the door, the door frame and door hinges. Proper use of the installation hardware included with each product must be used.

Solid Doors and Solid Door Frames

The Rebar door reinforcer is the very best door reinforcement kit on the market, it is designed and engineered to work best on solid doors, frames and jambs.

The heavy duty solid steel plate is 1/16″ thick and will be surface mounted to the door frame with up to 15 (3″) three inch heavy duty size 10 mounting screws. The 3″ heavy duty mounting screws will anchor the heavy duty plate into the wall studs of the home, giving the door frame KICKPROOF strength.

The heavy duty Rebar DSD357 Door Reinforcers come in a set of 2 and are 1/16″ thick solid steel. The door reinforcer edge guards are installed where the door latch handle and dead-bolt are on the door itself. Installation is quick and easy.

The Rebar DSD12X door reinforcer hinge-side plates are 1/16″ thick heavy duty solid steel. The hinge-side door reinforcers come in a set of (3) three and are installed over-top each hinge on the jamb side of the door frame to prevent hinge-side kick-in attacks.



Door Reinforcer Installation Guide






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