Kicked-In Door Frame Repair Kit – Easy Do-It-Yourself



Fix Cracked Broken Kicked In Door Frames Jambs Casing DIY Repair Kit by
Door Frame Repair Kit
KICKPROOF Door Frame Repair Kit


Door Frame Repair Kit

The REBAR Door Frame Repair Kit easily and permanently fixes kicked-in, weak, broken, split or cracked door frames, jambs or casings. Do-It- Yourself repairs are achieved in as little as 15-30 minutes using the KICKPROOF Rebar DSD48 and DSD48X Door Frame Repair Kit. Each door frame repair kit consists of one 48” REBAR Door Security Device 14 gauge 1/16″ thick HEAVY DUTY solid steel door jamb reinforcement repair plate, 15 three inch HEAVY DUTY mounting screws (3 HEAVY DUTY screws for door hinge reinforcement included) and easy to follow DIY installation instructions. Once the door frame repair is completed properly, the door jamb will now be much stronger than before it was kicked-in.

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Door Edge Repair Kit

If you are repairing a kicked-in door where the door edge has been split open, you will need to purchase a set of Rebar DSD357 Door Edge Guards. The U-shaped door reinforcement plate easily fixes broken door edges.  Installation of the Rebar DSD357 Door Repair Kit takes about 5-10 minutes.

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