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KICKPROOF Door Jamb Reinforcement



If You Lock Your Doors, It Makes Sense to Have SOLID Steel KICKPROOF Door Jambs to Keep Home Invaders Out!

 The reason criminals use the “kick-in the door frame” method to gain illegal entry into your home is because they know that there is no security built into the weak wooden door frames on your home. You can have the strongest, the most advanced electronic keyless entry systems and alarm systems controlled by the smartest of smart phones and the most expensive locks in the world, but if your door frame is made out of wood it doesn’t stand a chance against a well placed firm kick by a determined criminal. Just open your door and have a look at how there was no real thought that went into the security on the strike plate side of the door jamb. There is literally 1 inch of very soft wood and some light duty decorative soft brass hardware with tiny ½” screws protecting your family from potential harm.


We dare you to take out just 1 screw from your front doors thin soft brass strike plate and compare door frame reinforcement quality. Contractors use tiny 1/2″ screws and KICKPROOF.COM uses HEAVY DUTY 3″ screws. See for yourself why The KICKPROOF REBAR Door Security Device  has become the top selling heavy duty door frame reinforcement in USA and Canada for quality, ease of use and effectiveness.

The only way to protect your family from a home invasion or your home from a burglary is to reinforce all of your entry doors with the KICKPROOF REBAR Door Frame Reinforcement Kit. Over 70% of break-ins occur through a door, which is the number one reason that your entry doors require door frame reinforcement. Most homes have an average of 3 doors that require door frame reinforcement, the front door, the back door and the garage entry door. The entry door from inside the garage to the inside of the home also requires door frame reinforcement. When it comes to security, this door is often overlooked, but is the most important door to add extra door frame reinforcement to, because it is very easy for a criminal to gain access to your garage and once inside, nobody knows they are even there.

Below on the left side of the photos are some actual brass strike plates with the contractors choice ½” screws and door reinforcement taken off of a door, this is what hardware stores refer to as added security. On the right is the universal HIGH SECURITY KICKPROOF Rebar Door Frame Reinforcement available through our website or your local retail distributor.


KICKPROOF Door Jamb Reinforcement

KICKPROOF Door Jamb Reinforcement

KICKPROOF Door Jamb Reinforcement

EVERY Entry Door and Door Frame NEEDS to be Reinforced with The REBAR Door Security Device:


  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Garage Entry Door
  • Entry Door from House to Garage


With building contractors competing for house building jobs, newer homes are especially affected by the use of low quality inferior wood and cheap door hardware. Your door hardware MUST be “beefed up” for proper door security. Your door and door frame MUST have SOLID METAL securing it in order to keep unwanted vistors out of your home. Whether you choose the KICKPROOF REBAR DSD12X Hinge-Side Reinforcer, REBAR DSD357, REBAR DSD24X, the REBAR DSD48 or the REBAR DSD48X, you will have made the smartest front door security decision you can possibly make. A KICKPROOF Door is a HIGH SECURITY Door, you will sleep better knowing your home is safer!



*Typical Damage we see everyday from Door Kick-In Attacks from Burglaries and Home Invasions where LIGHT DUTY Contractors Choice Hardware and Hardware Store Hardware had been used on the door and door frame.



*Typical Damage We See Everyday From Door Kick-In Attacks From Burglaries and Home Invasions